Walk-To Jobs

Grow an economy of walk-to jobs by providing lower rent space for small-scale manufacturers.


Small-scale manufacturing businesses can serve a key role to diversify employment in walk-to neighborhood centers and small downtowns. These businesses – producers of tangible goods for sale to consumers or other businesses – add vibrancy and foot traffic to an area. The small-scale businesses conduct modern manufacturing and are clean and quiet. They provide higher wage jobs than retail and service jobs – generally 50-100% higher salaries.

Small-scale manufacturing is an umbrella term. It includes all types of small businesses producing tangible goods. This includes businesses producing in textile, hardware, wood, metal, and 3D printing. This also includes hardware prototyping, consumer product design and prototyping, film production, breweries and distilleries, and local food production and packaging. These businesses may sell directly in-person or online, or they may sell wholesale. These businesses may sell their products to other businesses or they may sell consumer products.

This Pattern includes:

  •      Small-Scale Manufacturing Businesses Defined
  •      Scale of Buildings
  •      Neighboring Uses
  •      Policy and Pricing
  •      Types


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