Street Fight

Make large on-the-ground changes fast through clear vision, demonstration, and measurement.


How did New York City leapfrog from a city of mean streets to a model of streets in just six years? The answer isn’t just one marquee project or a series of new street designs. The success traced back to strategies that shattered the old culture of street design and laid the groundwork for a new, self-sustaining mandate for urban transformations. By establishing a clear vision and making real-world changes fast, any community can set in motion a virtuous cycle for street transformations, both in the public and within the mechanics of government, that outlasts mayoral administrations. This Pattern includes:

  •      The Cycle of (Street) Life
  •      Demonstrate the Possible
  •      Build Streets That Create Their Own Demand
  •      Use Data to Measure Project Impacts
  •      Give People the Power to Say Yes


Janette Sadik-Khan

Bloomberg Associates


Tactical Urbanism


Net-Zero Energy Ready