Spaces Into Places

Transform every public space into a welcoming place.


Often, urban design creates spaces that follow the latest trends in aesthetics or building materials, rather than places where people want their lives to unfold. All public spaces should be lovely places. To this end, the Project for Public Spaces developed the concept of the Power of 10+ to evaluate and facilitate placemaking at multiple scales. The idea is simple: to be successful, communities of all sizes need at least 10 destinations—places where people want to be, and which give an identity and image to their communities. A destination might be a downtown square, a main street, a waterfront, a park, or a museum. What makes each destination successful is that it contains 10 or more places within it. Within each of these places, there should also be at least 10 things to do, and some of these activities will be unique to that particular place, reflecting the unique culture and history of the surrounding community. This Pattern includes:

  •      The Power of 10+
  •      Triangulate
  •      Temporal and Financial Flexibility


Fred Kent

Project for Public Spaces (PPS)


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