Net-Zero Energy Ready

Design all buildings for the future by designing them to be net-zero energy ready.


To date, the ability to achieve net-zero energy performance has been limited to smaller building types in environments with efficient, affordable, and available renewable technology. However, as the efficiency of renewable technologies continues to increase, the cost of these technologies has become more affordable. While net-zero energy might not be feasible today for a given building currently in the design phase, market trends suggest that renewable energy will be much more achievable long before that building has reached the end of its useful life.

Before a project can be considered net-zero ready, it must first minimize its overall Energy Use Intensity (EUI). The key to decreasing energy loads is a series of active and passive design strategies, each incrementally reducing loads until the cumulative effect is optimized energy demand. A smaller renewable energy system, which now costs less overall due to increased efficiencies, can be installed to capture the benefits of net-zero energy as soon as the price point is right.

  •      A Low-Cost Renewable Future
  •      Steps Toward Net-Zero Readiness


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