Entrepreneurial Retail

Support neighborhood retail by scouting and cultivating entrepreneurial talent.


Imagine you are a developer. Your plans have been finalized and you are ready to cut the first roads of your mixed-use property, complete with a fancy “amenity package”. Back up!  Lay down that shovel! You are beginning at the wrong end. Don’t waste financial resources on the above amenities. Instead, spend it on developing retail that can become your community gathering spaces. This is where interaction starts and this is where those dollars should go. A great bar, café, and/or general store can become your sales center. People attract people. What is your vision for attracting those initial people? What is your project about? Without a clear vision of what the project will be, at its core, breaking ground won’t get you anywhere. This Pattern includes:

  •      People Attract People
  •      Retail Ambassadors
  •      Identify Entrepreneurs
  •      Refine the Vision
  •      Invest in Them


Daryl Rose Davis

Seaside, FL


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