Diverse Dwellings

Turn strangers into neighbors by diversifying dwelling types in each building.


All housing projects balance unit repetition against horizontal and vertical diversity. While there can be a premium associated with designing and constructing a building with more diverse dwelling units than repeated ones, such unique and thoughtful buildings also quickly recover initial costs and increase their long-term value. Social bonds in housing projects are generated through the perceived synergy between proximity, public-ness, and privacy. In contrast to mainstream mid-rise housing where units are entered via an elevator and a corridor meant purely for circulation, traditional midrise housing (such as courtyard housing) designs units to be always entered from a common central courtyard. The courtyard as both a circulation and common space is constantly occupied by residents, fostering neighborly bonds—all as a matter of daily activity. This Pattern includes:

  •      Neighbors by Design
  •      Crack the Stack
  •      Value Exceeds Cost


Stefanos Polyzoides

Moule & Polyzoides



Third Places

Local Housing for All