Delight the Senses

Design urban waters to delight the senses.


Water is the essence and central element in enabling life. It is part of our permanent transition and renewal. This is not only for our physical body; water also stands for our feelings and emotions, expressing our mood with sweat and tears. Additionally, water is related to our mind in terms of imaginations and fluid thinking. In a poem, Goethe makes the comparison of water as an equal character representing the human soul. The way in which water behaves in the natural environment creates a perfect picture and symbol for human processes, including growth, development, exchange, renewal, and - most important in this context - water relates strongly to the breathing systems for a healthy city. On top of all these complex functions of water there is a consequent aesthetic and beauty. It is about scale, movement, quantity, and context. This Pattern includes:

  •      Internal-External Connection Experiment with Water
  •      What Not to Do


Herbert Dreiseitl

Liveable Cities Lab, Rambøll Group


Nonpotable Water

Beautiful Lighting

Delight Pedestrians