Coach Houses

Welcome singles and small families by creating a market for coach houses.


The second of two legal, independently-functioning dwelling units coexisting on a single lot goes by many names, including “coach house,” “granny flat,” “secondary suite,” “accessory dwelling unit” (ADU), and a dozen others. The ADU is often detached, located either above the garage or as a completely independent structure on the property. It could also be physically attached to the primary structure. Today ADUs are illegal in most towns and cities in America. But the tide is turning. In the face of growing challenges to housing affordability, real estate market instability and shifting demographics, more and more municipalities are now recognizing what history has always known to be true: the accessory dwelling is a particularly effective solution to these inter-related issues. This Pattern includes:

  •      Why ADUs?
  •   Demand for ADUs in Austin and Denver


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Farr Associates


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