Blue Infrastructure

Treat every project as an opportunity to process rainwater and stormwater.


A new paradigm for stormwater management is quickly taking hold. It involves managing rainwater where it falls using practices commonly referred to as ‘green infrastructure’. Well-designed green infrastructure is integrated throughout the landscape utilizing strategies such as green (vegetated) roofs, permeable paving, and bioretention systems that are intended to mimic the way rainfall and runoff are managed in nature. These systems retain runoff allowing for natural evaporation, transpiration (respiration by plant material), and infiltration. This approach to stormwater management is in direct contrast to historic practices that drained stormwater as quickly as possible and piped it to the nearest stream or lake. While this strategy provided necessary local drainage, it leads to downstream flooding and degradation of water quality, aquatic habitat, and recreational resources. Green infrastructure provides the tools to provide necessary drainage while preserving and restoring downstream resources and preventing increases in flooding. This Pattern includes:

  •      Handle Water Where It Falls
  •      Rainwater & Stormwater Defined
  •      Facility Types


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