Behavior & Data

Reduce waste 3-27% by providing timely, relevant, and actionable data.


The best way to get to zero carbon in energy usage is to build better buildings, and retrofit the ones we already have. Efficient appliance and lighting standards will make a much bigger impact out of the carbon equation than appeals to individuals to make multiple different decisions throughout the day. Energy behavior still matters, though; there are times when a 3% increment is very important. When demand is peaking on a grid that operates near the top of its capacity, 3% is the difference between continuing the power supply and a blackout. Where the last plants in the dispatch order are older coal-fired plants, 3% is enough to keep them turned off. This Pattern includes:

  •      The Behavior Piece
  •      Actionable, Relevant, & Timely
  •      Impacts on Energy
  •      Impacts on Water & Waste


Clare Butterfield

Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF)


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