The Pattern Project

A Farr Associates Initiative to Accelerate Change


THE PATTERN PROJECT empowers local actors to accelerate change through social and urban design strategies at the neighborhood scale.

This website provides resources and information to get started.

First, it connects
Passions to Patterns

Patterns are statements of actionable guidance for change.

Net-Zero Energy Ready

Design all buildings for the future by designing them to be net-zero energy ready.

While net-zero energy might not be feasible today for a given building currently in the design phase, market trends suggest that renewable energy will be much more achievable long before that building has reached the end of its useful life.

Bullitt Center

The Most Sustainable Office Building in the U.S. Seattle’s Bullitt Center is the most sustainable office building in the world, a title that they do not want to hold for long in the hopes that even more sustainable development occurs in the future. The Bullitt Center is one of the first buildings to be certified under the Living Building Challenge and has drawn acclaim for its adoption of features such as composting toilets, which are typically only used in smaller constructions. Offline and off-pipe, the Bullitt Center’s footprint is literally restricted to its site area.

Then, it pairs Patterns with Accelerants to expedite change

Accelerants are strategies that speed up change.


In isolation, Patterns and Accelerants can only go so far. When a Pattern is paired with one or more Accelerants, its power to bring about change grows.

Get there faster with THE PATTERN PROJECT